¿Quiénes somos ModaEspaña?
La Confederación ModaEspaña Confederation is a great institutional platform created and supported by several organizations belonging to the Spanish fashion sector, comprising the design, tailor, manufacture as well as the distribution and sale.
ModaEspaña is composed by the most representative entities of the sector: the Spanish Clothing Federation (FEDECON), the Spanish textile and Clothing Association (AEGP), the Spanish Association of Leather Goods & Luggage Manufacturers (ASEFMA), along with the Association of Spanish Fashion Creators (ACME), the Spanish Confederation of Textile Trade (CECOTEX) and the backing of other regional Associations and national Federations.

The main goals of ModaEspaña are, among others, to distinguish Spanish fashion products in the market, allowing consumers to identify precisely the origin of those products.

Asociación Creadores de Moda de España | ACME
Federación Española de Empresas de la Confección | FEDECON
Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Marroquinería | ASEFMA
Agrupacion española del género de punto | Agrupación textil - AEGP
Confederación Española del Comercio Textil y Moda | CECOTEX

• We are demanding: In order to be credible, we establish strict criteria for brands to fulfill them
• We are transparent: the criteria must be clear and should be easily communicated to consumers
• We are inclusive: ModaEspaña wants to encourage the participation of all stakeholders

Criterios básicos de ModaEspaña
We live in a time of changes: the end of offshoring makes the optimal time for the growth of the fashion industry in Europe and Spain has the best conditions: raw materials and skilled labor.
In this contest appears ModaEspaña: to impulse the relocation in the fashion sector as a strong, dynamic and wealth creator industry with two main goals:
• To project the opinion in the society that Spain Brand can generate more wealth and employment in our country.
• To identify the Spanish fashion products to promote the sales.

To achieve these objectives, Interbrand has developed a report where are included the threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities that the Spanish Fashion has. As a result from this study, it has established four situations regarding the production process and the respective proposal that ModaEspaña should provide to companies. The following conclusions were drawn from this report:

1. There is no critical mass of companies that perform all the production process in Spain.
2. It cannot be undermined those brands that part of the production is not made in Spain
3. Brands whose production is 100% in Spain must be rewarded
4. There are companies that manufactured in Spain and abroad depending on the product
Propuestas ModaEspaña
• Distinction beyond manufacturing

• Distinction to companies that contribute to the economy and Spanish fashion across different functional areas
• Positive differentiation to those brands that produce in Spain

• Distinction by product