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The main objectives of ModaEspaña are bringing together and identify all the Spanish products, letting the costumers identify the products in a clear way. This is why we started a labelling campaign with homologated labels that will allow customers to identify the origin of the products. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) is responsible of making the labels, this labels has a number and other different security items.

We are now living a constant change. We are going through the end of the off shoring and the beginning of a new era that is favourable for the growth of the fashion industry in Europe. In Spain we have a perfect combination of different elements such as raw materials and skilled labour. It is necessary to encourage some instruments to improve the relocation of the fashion industry, as a strong dynamic and richness creator industry from all the agents’ point of view.


First of all what we have to do is an auditing of the clothes origin and their category. After validating the results of the auditing two groups are created. It is necessary the existence of two groups: one that recognises the brand Spanish design and the other one that recognises the Spanish manufacture of the product.

Designed in Spain. This group is formed by the all the products that contribute to the strengthening of the Spanish fashion industry through different areas except manufacture.

Made in Spain. This group is formed by products made in Spain.

Each product will be identified according to its level; this is why we had to create two different labels.


The General Assembly of Confederación Moda España approved the creation of a committee called Comité de Marca Moda España, its main objective will be the research and approval of the adherence applications to the MÑ ModaEspaña plan

If a company wants to be part of the MÑ ModaEspaña labelling campaign it is necessary to fill all the information required in the application form; this application form should be sign in all its pages and submitted by mail to the Comité de Marca MÑ ModaEspaña committee.